Higher education in Hungary: a European opportunity

Pursuing higher education in Hungary means embarking on an academic career in a European Union (EU) country with top-quality institutions, with a number of internationally high-ranked universities. It also gives you the opportunity, during university holidays, to travel within the Schengen area and discover the 25 other member countries.

Hungary’s higher education system

Hungary is involved in the Bologna process, which aims to unify the higher education systems of all EU countries. Its system corresponds to the LMD: Licence – Master – Doctorat (Bachelor’s-Master’s-Doctorate) and its degrees are recognised not only in Europe, but also worldwide. Its institutes and universities award various degrees:

  • Bachelor’s degree (equivalent to Bac+3)
  • Master’s degree (Bac+4 and 5)
  • MBA (Bac+6 equivalent)
  • PhD (doctorate)
And this, in most disciplines such as Medicine, Dentistry, Management, Engineering, Information Technology, etc… and in institutions, higher art schools, architecture schools, doctoral schools and private schools and institutes.

Flags of Hungary are sold on the street as a souvenir. Many flags of Hungary

Diversity of higher education institutions

When considering higher education in Hungary, you have a wide range of academic choices at your disposal. The country has a total of 28 state-funded higher education institutions, offering a variety of programs and specializations. In addition, there are 11 privately-funded institutions and 26 church-funded institutions. What’s particularly advantageous is that most of these institutions offer over 500 courses in English, making it much easier for international students to access the programs. This diversity of institutions and courses means you can find the ideal match for your academic aspirations.

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Academic calendar in Hungary

The academic year in Hungary runs from September to June. For those planning to start in September, the usual admission period is between May and June. However, an alternative is also available for students who have missed the September intake or who wish to start later in the year. A second admissions procedure is available in November for entry in February. This flexibility allows students to choose the period that best suits their academic needs.

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Admission requirements

Admission requirements in Hungary vary depending on the program. For Bachelor’s programs, students must be no more than 24 years old. For Master’s programs, the maximum age is 28. However, it should be noted that for Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy programs, there is no age limit. This flexibility in age criteria gives students a fair opportunity to pursue their higher education in Hungary, regardless of their age.

Visa and residence procedure

The visa procedure for studying in Hungary can take up to 60 days from the date of application. We recommend that you submit your application as soon as you receive your letter of admission. When you arrive in Hungary, you must start the residence permit application procedure within 15 days of your arrival to ensure that your stay is legal during your studies.

Budapest Hungary, Hungarian flag closeup

Language of instruction

For international students, many institutions in Hungary offer programs in English in a variety of fields. Whether you wish to pursue a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Hungary, it is important to note that some programs may require specific English language certification for admission. Be sure to check the specific language requirements of your study program and prepare accordingly by taking language tests such as IELTS or TOEFL if necessary.

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